What He Believes

If you wish, read the essay here: http://thisibelieve.org/essay/4205/

The essayist believes that tomorrow will be a better day. The evidence he finds for his belief is history: he looks through his old family photos, from the a picture of his immigrant ancestors at Ellis Island to today.  He sees how, with each generation, his family’s situation has improved. Then he talks about the bright future: curing AIDs and cancer, peace in the Middle East and food in Africa. To personalize it, they opened with a family experience. The most interesting part was the very beginning for me, when the essayists says “Instead, he [the essayist’s father] was upset about the world his generation is turning over to mine, a world he fears has a dark and difficult future – if it has a future at all. He sounded like this:“There will be a pandemic that kills millions, a devastating energy crisis, a horrible worldwide depression and a nuclear explosion set off in anger.” I am fascinated by the passage of time, so it made me wonder where I will be when I’m my father’s age.  It was this challenging of his belief that the essayist opens his essay with, which was an interesting structural choice.

By spockinthehood

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