I Believe

  1. I believe that it doesn’t matter that you don’t agree with me. I’m still right.
  2. I believe that believing in something doesn’t make it any truer.
  3. I believe that disbelieving in something doesn’t make it any less true.
  4. I believe that there is Truth.
  5. I believe our Weapons grew faster than our wisdom.
  6. I believe Spock.
  7. I believe the Urie.
  8. I believe that mediocrity is not good enough.
  9. I believe in overkill.
  10. I believe that Death isn’t something to fear.
  11. I believe fear is the mind killer.
  12. I believe that, often, lies are easier to believe than the truth.  \
  13. I believe that absolutes are usually inappropriate.
  14. I believe world peace, though desirable, is impossible.
  15. I believe people are not equal. We’re all different.
  16. I believe that mustaches are good so long as they aren’t real.
  17. I believe there is good in everyone.
  18. I believe that, though I might not like orange, someone does.
  19. I believe that you should all fear me.
  20. I believe that it is a sin to know what is right and to not do it.
  21. I believe that pop fiction has a time, and a place.
  22. I believe that the answer to life, the universe, and everything is 42.
  23. I believe that I can defeat David Cote in a poke war.
  24. I believe that faith is the confidence that what you hope for will actually happen; it does not have to be blind.
  25. I believe that humans lack the perspective necessary to truly understand the world they live in.
  26. I believe that repentance is more than just stopping; it’s turning around.
  27. I believe that if school started at 10:00, teenagers would function better.


By spockinthehood

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