Language, Pt 2

2. Choose 1 QUOTE from the list above and comment on it with your own personal thoughts and real- life examples.

“Who does not know another language does not know his own” – Goethe

It wasn’t until I began studying French that I really started to pay attention to English. It is difficult to understand something, in and of itself (for example, in my previous post, I talk about how Westerners use dichotomies like good/bad to understand words—we know something is good if it’s not bad).  While I feel that the effect is not as extreme in the case of English, I feel that it wasn’t until I had something to compare English to that I began to look at my language. If I weren’t studying French, I wonder if the strange aspects of English would be so bothersome to me. Would I care that there is no rhyme or reason to it? Or would I be content with this: I can understand English, so why bother questioning it?


3. Choose 1 LINKING QUESTION. Comment on it with your own personal thoughts and real-life examples from the world or your experiences. Find a related article or video that would support your answer, and describe how it does. You can research on your own or use the HANDY DIIGO LIST of almost 100 sources to help.

RELIGION: Does religious experience lie beyond language expression?

I think that religion experience can cross language barriers so effectively that it goes beyond language expression. You can describe a religious experience, however, because religion isn’t contained by language, I feel that it lies beyond language expression.

I found this article really interesting: The Gospel, Language and Culture:The Theological Method in Cultural Analysis (by Sanneh, Lamin, in the  International Review of Mission). Unfortunately, it is  an academic journal article, so you’ll need to use Questia to access it. Here is the link:  and, if you have an affiliation with Le Jardin, you ought to be able to access it (through a LJA email address and a password set by the school—it is the same password as used for the other databases). It is really worth a read! 

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