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Birth of the Word

  • That’s kind of creepy…the home recording system.
  • This guy must be rich.
  • Should we retain complex speech to meet the child, or attempt to keep our language complex? (in regards to the dip)
  • Is the development the same or similar for all anglophone children? Will water always  be preceeded by gaga?
  • I wonder if any of my comments made it into the MIT data analysis. That’d be weird.

Stephen Fry—Swear Word

Yes, those are among the worst things we do, but what is the root of those evils? What do our problems start with? Words. Words have power. What we say has power.

Interesting observation, but I’m not sure that breeding is the best thing we do. Also, maybe it’s because breeding is so important the perversion as such is profane. The F word does not have that warm loving connotation. It has a very physically crude connotation. The F word is synonymous with sex but not necessarily with making love, if that makes sense.

Fry’s Planet Word

  • We do take language for granted!
  • Language is phenomenal…how does this “walnut like collie flower mass” create language! Remarkable!
  • His comments on one language are very interesting.
  • Will we ever cross the final frontier?
  • I would like to learn Esperanto, but I don’t think that I have time. L
  • The death of languages is a sad, sad thing. As many as 100 a year at least? AGGGGGG
  • I’m glad that he appreciates the importance of language in history and culture.

Stephen Fry Kinetic Typography – Language

  1. I enjoy language.
  2. I am in love with words—as much so as music. I read about them, and their history enthralls me. I love the way that words bring the chaos of the world and of the human individual into something that others can understand.
  3. Grammar is important—it maintains the ability of people to understand one another. That’s the point of grammar. Rules allow my message to be projected and understood by a wide audience.
  4. Language has an inherent flexibility which allows for creativity, but many of these rules are still of importance because they maintain clarity. However, if rules are stupid/illogical they are counterproductive and should be replaced.
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