TOK final Vlog!

It’s not vlogbrothers quality, but I try.

By spockinthehood

One comment on “TOK final Vlog!

  1. Thanks for your thoughtful comments and reflections! Loved the quote at the beginning! I always love your vlogs because you are so passionate and full of intriguing questions (Vlogbrothers should hire you!) Glad to hear you loved the Language Unit (I knew you’d find some worthwhile topics in there)! I’m still exploring the various aspects of your lovely Toska website. Nice to hear you appreciated the “death of Irish” video. It’s nice to see someone connect TOK with their own life, like you did with your IA and your previous and upcoming mission trips. Wow, what an intriguing link to that novel with a synesthete as a character. Finally! Someone appreciates the Physicist’s version of Santa Claus! Thank you! Hope you find all those “knowledge engines” like Quora and Wolfram helpful. Looking forward to all our adventures in thinking next year!

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