In case of Fire: ten things that I would take with me.

In case of Fire: ten things that I would take with me.

Notice: I don’t own a lot of things that cost a lot, so the things that I am choosing to take are those things are irreplaceable.

  1. Lego Volkswagen Bug – I love bugs, and my family spent hours putting this bug together. It represents one of our few family endeavors—a lot of time, and a lot of laughs.
  2. PCCS Tie – this is my staff tie from girl scout camp. Each swap has a story, and it in itself is a story, of all my time at girl scout camps, and my future with scouting.
  3. Flashdrive – this has all my digital work from elementary school through 9th grade.
  4. Laptop – my life.
  5. Powerpuff blanket – the only relic of my childhood that I still use. I got this blanket when I was four, and I’ve yet to find a better blanket.
  6. Steampunk Cross – the only piece of jewelry that I wear regularly.
  7. Metal Bible – I am taking this bible to the grave with me. It rides in my backpack every day, and has my note from the beginning of 7th grade through now clogging the margins.
  8. Star Trek the Original Series on DVD – who would take this?
  9. Passport
  10. This is not shown here, because I couldn’t take it off the wall to fit it into the picture and I didn’t want to take the picture on my desk (over which this poster hangs) because I just cleaned my room…and did not want to dismantle my newly organized desk. But I have this poster hanging in my room, and it is AWESOME. I don’t think that there are many in the world…Carly Pate and I were walking through the State Library, and I saw it and knew it had to be mine. So I made my first purchase on Ebay and died and went to nerd heaven. This thing is coming to college with me.

    Item 10

    Item 10

By spockinthehood